What is it for?  The Enabler

  • It makes it easy for you to enjoy a small lightweight camp stove on your next outdoor adventure
  • It allows you to boil water for your outdoor cup of tea or coffee without carrying a heavy camp stove
  • You can make a small hot meal outdoors with a very lightweight and portable kit

Note: The kettle and Trangia fuel bottle are not part of the cookset.

What is it?

It’s a small light weight cook-set.  It’s made from light weight aluminium and weighs 330g.  The mini Trangia 28-T comes with a non-stick lid/fry pan, a .8l aluminium saucepan, spirit burner, small windshield and a handle.

  • Weight:  330g
  • Packed Dimensions: 15W x 15D x 6.7H cm
  • BTU Per Burner: 3500
  • 1L Boil Time: 9 mins +
  • Fuel Type: Methylated Spirits
  • Fuel Consumption: Approx. 50 ml to boil 1L water

What does it do? 

At a bare minimum you can make a hot drink or after giving it a little thought you can make a meal.  The main issue around cooking is the size of the pans.  You just need to think small.  

I like the stove because it only weighs 330g.  Because it is so lightweight, I take it with me for picnics or outdoor cups of teas. I bring along my Nanopresso for making decent coffee. And I take it camping.  I’ve made a light weight tea/coffee set for two people.  I’ll write another blog entry on this soon.

Using it

It’s easy to use, set up and pack up.  I take my own windshield as the supplied windshield is a bit small.

One of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk to the beach or park and and use the Trangia cookset to make myself a cup of tea.  It’s very warming and a wonderful excuse to stop and appreciate where you are.

A few months ago a friend and I drove to the beach and set up the cook-set.  I made a vegetable, rice and lentil dish for two using the stove.  The pot was quite full but it still heated well.   It was wonderful to eat something hot.  While waiting for the meal to be ready we enjoyed cheese and cracker.  Then we made cups of tea until we ran out of milk.  

Having the stove and cooking, slowed us down.  It meant that we stayed outdoors longer than if we hadn’t been cooking.  Because it’s so small and light weight I’m not shy to take it with me.  It makes it easy to cook out doors.


Australia:  AU$54 – $65.  

US:  US$34

UK:  GBP 26

Note:  These prices were found online in December 2019 and will change over time.


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