Nanopresso by Wacaco

What is it for?  The Enabler

  • Make a good expresso if you have a small kitchen or limited bench space
  • Enjoy an expresso when you camp or travel
  • Have an expresso at work

What is it?

Wacaco Nanopresso is a small portable espresso maker, that requires no power, and can produce up to 18 bars of pressure which is comparable to expensive commercial espresso machines.  This amount of pressure means that you can consistently and easily get a crema on your espresso.

Crema is an indication of the quality of the espresso.  A good crema is tawny in colour but not too light.  It should be smooth and made up of tiny bubbles that create a foamy, velvety surface.

  • Length 15.6cm
  • Weight: 336gm
  • Water tank capacity: 80ml
  • Ground capacity: 8g

What does it do?

Makes espresso with up to 18 bars of pressure that produces consistent crema without using power.  Add a little water, for an Americano , if you prefer a longer drink.

How to make an espresso with the Nanopresso by Wacaco:

  1. Add ground coffee to the portafilter using the supplied measuring scoop. (8g)
  2. Tamp the grounds using the underside of the measuring scoop.
  3. Add hot water to the reservoir until the water level reaches the mark on the inside of the reservoir. (80ml).
  4. Attach the reservoir with a twisting motion to the upper half of the coffee maker.
  5. Once firmly attached turn the Nanopresso upside down so the water reservoir is on top.
  6. Hold the Nanopresso above a pre-warmed espresso cup.
  7. Begin pumping – approximately one pump per second.  This is how the pressure is built up.
  8. After the 5th or 6th pump, rich espresso should start to pour from the Nanopresso.  
  9. Continue pumping until all the water is used.
  10. You will have a rich espresso with crema sitting in your espresso cup.

Clean up:

It’s easy.  It takes about 15 seconds to run the parts under cold water and allow to dry naturally.


  • Australia: I’ve seen them on sale at A$64, but more commonly A$78 – A$129, online.
  • US:  I’ve seen them on sale at $64, but more commonly $79, online.
  • UK:  GBP70

Note:  these prices were found online in October 2019.


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  1. Thank you Ding,

    I already bought one after you intro.

    I wonder what if you can guide me what kind of coffee would be best to use with it.


    1. Hi Nick,

      I usually get my coffee ground for me. I ask for it ground for an espresso stove top. But it’s best to go by feel. If you’re using the right grind it should be easy to pump your Nanopresso and you should get a thick dark crema. The grind is too fine if it’s difficult to pump the Nanopresso. If your coffee comes out watery, this could be because your coffee is ground too coarsely. Here’s a link to some tips on using the Minipresso which still applies to the Nanopresso. Happy coffee making. Things that go ding.

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